Proposal submited to the MacArthur 100&Change challenge

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The Frozen Ark Project is part of an International Consortium whose longterm goal is to sequence all ~67k vertebrate species. We have submitted a proposal to the MacArthur 100&Change challenge that will award $100 million to identify and solve a problem.
We are proposing to sequence the genomes of all ~8,000 endangered and threatened species on the IUCN Red List within 6 years. With our collaborators and partners, we have developed the technology to sequence ~3.5Gb chromosome-level reference genomes for about $10k each. We want to use comparative genomics to identify genetic factors that make species more or less susceptible to extinction, which could help inform current conservation efforts. Additionally, the open-access Digital Noah’s Ark Library that we create would be a resource for all scientists, and would preserve the genetic data for species that go extinct. 
Find out more in this video: