Cambridge Conservation Initiative Earth Optimism Day

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As part of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative Earth Optimism Day, a Soapbox Saturday event will be held on Saturday 22nd April in the Solutions Fair   A member of the Frozen Ark will speak about the projects origins, the role of the Consortium, what it does and how to get involved sponsoring some DNA in order to help preserve endangered species for the future’  Please follow the link for further details

Golden Genes

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A screening of ‘Golden Genes – or how biobanks are trying to save all living things – including you’ will be held in conjunction with Earth Optimism Day at Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge on 26th April. There will be a session afterwards with members of the Frozen Ark Project on the panel discussing Biobanking, the future of science and application of such technology and possible morals associated with it.

Newstalk documentary on the Frozen Ark

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An Irish radio station, ‘Newstalk’ has recorded a documentary on the Frozen Ark, in which Dublin Zoo Consortium member talked about their work collecting samples for the Frozen Ark.  The documentary can be heard at the following link.

BBC News – ‘Frozen Ark’ to save animal DNA

posted in: News Article | 0 A tissue bank that will store genetic material from thousands of endangered animals has been set up in the UK. The Frozen Ark, as it is called, will preserve animal “life codes” even after their species have become extinct. This will allow future generations of scientists to understand long lost creatures, and may also help with the conservation programmes of tomorrow. The project is supported by the Natural History Museum, the Zoological Society of London and Nottingham University. Sixth … Read More