Korea and the Frozen Ark to contribute to the cryopreservation of endangered species

Korea and the Frozen Ark to contribute to the cryopreservation of endangered species

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An international effort to freeze and preserve the DNA and stem cells of the worlds endangered species is underway.

The importance of the DNA and cell bank is enormous with potential use in the identification of the reasons for species numbers floundering, the capture of incredible and useful characteristics of animal species and the potential to undertake de-extinction using ground breaking technologies that are under development today. Many nations in the world have joined together through the Frozen ark charity and recently another has joined in the project. The Korea National Research Resource Center (KNRRC) and the Frozen Ark Project, University of Nottingham, UK signed Affiliate Agreement on May 27, 2015 at the National Assembly, Korea. KNRRC and Frozen Ark Project agree to cooperate for research on biological resources, education and training of researchers, joint promotion of standardization related to resources and promotion of joint research project. Professor Brendon Noble (Managing Trustee of the Frozen Ark said; “We are delighted the KNRRC has joined us all in this important global effort to preserve the genetic material and cells of species that are struggling to survive.

There really is no time to lose with a prediction that at least 30% of all land, fresh-water and marine animals will go extinct within the next fifty years. We do need financial donations from members of the public, companies and governments in order to take forward our important work”. Dr Ann Clarke, Founder of the Frozen Ark said; “I travelled to see the Korean organisation and have been met with great enthusiasm and a keenness to contribute to saving the DNA and stem cells of endangered species. mThis exactly the international approach that our planet needs”.

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