Soapbox Saturday ‘Conflicted Seeds & Spirit’

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Following discussions with Shelley Bolderson, Development Co-ordinator, Museum of Zoology & Cambridge Conservation Initiative on Saturday 16th April, the Frozen Ark participated in the Soapbox Saturday event, which took place at the Ackroyd & Harvey exhibition ‘Conflicted Seeds & Spirit’. This was an event that was organised for the penultimate day of the exhibition.

Mike Bruford, FA Interim Director spoke at the event, about the essential work of the Frozen Ark, in particular and in direct link with the ‘Seeing Red .. Overdrawn’ installation of the exhibition, (as pictured above with Dr Ann Clarke filling in the Partula) the species classified critically endangered on the IUCN Red List. There were representatives from the IUCN Red List, Cambridge Zoology Museum and CCI present, along with artists, environmentalists and a researcher investigating the conservation/ deextinction of the Kouprey.