Mail Online: Forget Noah! Scientists set up a ‘Frozen Ark’ to preserve the DNA of endangered animals ahead of the sixth mass extinction

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Scientists are using a ‘Frozen Ark’ to preserve DNA of endangered species  Many could disappear as the Earth undergoes ‘sixth mass extinction’ So far, 48,000 samples have been collected, belonging to 5,000 species Genetic material could be used for drug research or to resurrect species  The animals may have walked into Noah’s Ark two-by-two in biblical tales, but nowadays these ‘arks’ are much more hi-tech. Scientists have set up a project to preserve the DNA of endangered species before they disappear as the Earth … Read More

Newstalk documentary on the Frozen Ark

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An Irish radio station, ‘Newstalk’ has recorded a documentary on the Frozen Ark, in which Dublin Zoo Consortium member talked about their work collecting samples for the Frozen Ark.  The documentary can be heard at the following link.

Visit to the Ackroyd and Harvey exhibition

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Sunday 20th March, Ann visited the Ackroyd and Harvey exhibition at the Zoology Museum, currently open for the exhibition while the redevelopment work continues. Ann got involved with one of the installations, calling on visitors to overdraw, or make bold the 4374 critically endangered animals listed on the wall. As the Frozen Ark was founded following Bryans research on speciation of Partula in French Polynesia, which then turned in to a study of extinction, it seemed appropriate for Ann to … Read More