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Workshop: Developing a national approach for wildlife genome storage

2nd June 2016 - 3rd June 2016

Day 1 (Thursday, 2 June)
Venue – Melbourne Museum
Arrive and Coffee
Session 1: 10.00-11.00
Introduction to the Workshop

Housekeeping (John Clulow, Jo Sumner, Bec Hobbs, Marissa Parrott)
Background briefing on FAUNA Research Alliance and FAUNABank (Introduction &
Overview). J Clulow and John Rodger (CEO, FAUNA RA)
Session 2: 11.00-13.00
Museum Victoria Genome Storage Facility Inspection

Introduction and tour of the Ian Potter Australian Wildlife BioBank at Museum Victoria
(Joanna Sumner and Mark Norman)
Open discussion of the future role of the Museum Victoria facility
Lunch 13.00-14.00
Session 3 14.00-15.30
Assisted Reproductive and Cryopreservation Technologies

Non-technical discussion of the state of assisted reproductive and cryopreservation
technologies relevant to wildlife genome storage and reconstitution of live animals•

Brief introduction to broad taxa issues (invertebrates, fish, amphibian, reptiles, birds,
mammals) – contributions by researchers (J Clulow, S Johnston, F Molinia, J Daly, J Rodger, B
Nixon, international researchers; and others)
Open discussion of strategic goals for research relevant to wildlife assisted reproduction,
and optimisation of technologies for wildlife genome storage.
Species and taxa priorities. How should priorities be established? What species/taxa should
be actively targeted? What species/taxa would end-users seek to bank and recover from
storage? Should scope be very broad (target widespread, common and rare/threatened)?
Should genome storage facilities be multi-focussed – hold samples for phylogenetic (DNA)
analysis and function as reproductive biobanks?
Coffee 15:30-16:00
Session 4 16:00-17:00
Review of Day 1 and Objectives for Day 2

Open discussion of the issues relating to Day 1 in the workshop
Assisted by the Workshop Facilitator (Peter Gordon)
Issues identified for further consideration on Day 2
Close of Day 1 – 17:00
Thursday Evening

Dinner at Local Restaurant (venue TBA)
Day 2 (Friday, 3 June)
Venue – Melbourne Zoo
Session 1: 8.30-10.30
Existing and Future Wildlife Genome Storage Facilities in Australia and NZ (Chair TBA)

What can we learn from the international experience?
Where are the current Australian and New Zealand facilities? Who is running them? What
are their plans?
What facilities are planned or in development?
Managing and operating facilities: infrastructure; transfers of samples to and between
institutions; governance; accession, ownership, and access to materials; prioritisation and
Integrating and uniting the sector: databases, sharing information and people
Developing a national strategy: one facility or many? How will the landscape develop?
Where will the money come from? Funding mechanisms [NCRIS, ARC, NGOs, philanthropy,
University, State and Fed Agencies; Zoo and Museums].
Assisted by Facilitator; session contributors: open but including the museums, zoos, current
facilities, agencies, internationals and others with an interest in facility funding and
development models.
Coffee 10.30-11.00
Session 2: 11.00-12.00
Social Research, Policy and Communication (Chair TBA)
Wildlife biobanks – is there a perception problem?•

Social research – defining the problem
Policy and regulation
Developing and optimising effective communication strategies
Assisted by Facilitator; session contributors: open but focus on contribution from social
researchers and communications participants
Session 3: 12.00-13.00
Uniting the Sector: Links and Networks (FAUNABank and other possibilities)

Options for FAUNABank (web platform; protocol sharing and networking within the sector;
collaborative projects – research and on-ground). J Clulow, J Rodger, F Molinia, C McCartney.
Other initiatives and options?
Assisted by Facilitator
Lunch 13.00-14:00
Session 4 14.00-16:00
Review of Workshop Sessions; Consensus on Actions and Responsibilities (Chair TBA)
Review of the topics covered in the workshop
Identification of actions and responsibilities
Statement on Consensus Position from the Workshop
Assisted by the Workshop Facilitator (Peter Gordon)
Workshop close: 16:00


2nd June 2016
3rd June 2016
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Melbourne Museum,
Melbourne Zoo
Melbourne, Australia