“We have a duty to preserve nature because it is beautiful”

The Frozen Ark Project strives towards a world where extinction rates are sustainable and not created by man. Where the beauty, splendour and practical solutions found in all species is noted and used by man for the good of mankind and for the good of all life on Earth.

Our Mission

To collect, preserve and store tissue, gametes, viable cells and DNA from endangered animals for use both in conservation programmes and to enable society to benefit itself and all life on earth. The project focuses on the thousands of animals that are threatened with extinction.

Our Plan

To support the establishment of genome resource banks of endangered animals in many countries, to establish a database listing where genetic materials are stored worldwide and identifying which species are most in need of sampling.


A call to arms

Time is running out for many species. Conservation efforts will undoubtedly save some but we must preserve the genetic record of all endangered species for our future. Time is also running out for the Frozen Ark, which has been running with volunteers on a shoestring budget for several years. Help us save Nature’s genetic heritage so that future generations can enjoy the natural world as we have all done.

Please donate now

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